• Temporary exhibitions

  • The collection of M. Rostropovich and G. Vishnevskaya

  • Workshop sessions

Art. Study. Education

Cultural projects are integral part of the life of the “National Congress Palace”. The temporary exhibitions let the visitors get acquainted with various latest styles, discover new names; and artists, sculptors and jewelers have an opportunity to introduce the audience their most interesting works and show their talent. The Konstantin palace began to acquaint the wide audience with the modern art in 2006. Since that time several projects have been started: “Young artists of Russia”, “Modern artists of Russia”, “Russia in the works of modern artists”, “Russia in the works of folk craftsmen”, “Great painters of the Russian land”; within these projects temporary exhibitions regularly take place in the halls of the Konstantin palace and in the Modern arts centre.

As a tradition research-to-practice conferences (“Konstantinovsky readings”, “Eco problems of the historic parks”) in which museum workers, workers of Higher education institutions’ of St. Petersburg and Moscow, scientists and representatives of the wide audience regularly participate, take place in the National Congress palace.

The team of the “National Congress Palace” holds a wide range of scientific research. The main subject is historical, which allows elucidating the facts from the past of Strelna, Konstantinovsky palace and park ensemble, his owners and creators.

After the collection of Russian art (former collection of Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya, a gift by Alisher Usmanov) was placed at the “National Congress Palace”, the methodical work in the field of art history has begun. Some works are dedicated to the items of “Naryshkins’ treasure” which was transferred for storage to Strelna soon after its finding.

All outreach and educational activities for children and youth are combined in “Konstantinovsky for children” project. Quest-games, academic competitions and quizzes, workshop sessions with famous artists, informatics and robotics competitions are held in the palace all year round.

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