18.07.2018 - Karl Bryullov’s works exhibition opening

State Complex The National Congress Palace opened the new exhibition of works by Karl Bryullov

“Karl Bryullov. Portraits from private collections”.


On July, 18, 2018 State Complex The National Congress Palace hosted the solemn opening of the eminent exhibition of works by Karl Pavlovich Bryullov.

At the opening, the opening speech was given to S.A. Yanchenko, the head of the Exhibition Department of the  National Congress Palace , then to the honorary guests of the event – Mr Kanovsky (the owner of one of the pictures) and the representative of the State Russian Museum, Mr Goldovsky, who shared fascinating stories of creation each of the presented pictures.

The uniqueness of the exposition lies in the fact that from now on, seven previously unknown portraits of the master will be available to the general public.

Six of them belong to the private collection of A. Katkov, the descendant of the Bryullovs family, and one to the collector V. Kanovsky. In the Music Hall of the Konstantin Palace several pictures are exhibited:  "Karl Bryullov. Self Portrait "," Portrait of E.P. Gagarina with sons Evgeniy, Leo and Theophilus "," Portrait of a Young Woman at a Piano "," Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna ", Portrait of an Abbot", "Portrait of A. N. Demidov on a Horse ". At the exhibition in the Cabinet of K.R. "Portrait of Aurora Karlovna Demidova”, the pearl of the Konstantin Palace collection, is exhibited.

The exhibition will be available within the "Masterpieces of the Konstantin Palace".


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