25.09.2017 - New exhibition


Tretyakov gallery in the Konstantin palace


Till the end of December, 2017 Konstantin palace will exhibit 2 canvases from the Tretyakov gallery collection: “The Portrait of the duchess Orlova” by Konstantin Korovin and “The Portarait of “Elizaveta Martynova” by Osip Braz.

You can see the paintings within the tour of the Konstantin palace in the Dionysus Dining-Hall.

The exhibition of paintings from the Tretyakov gallery is possible due to the intermuseum exchange programme. In return, Tretyakov gallery will exhibit “Bolsheviki” by I. Repin and “Faces of Russia” by B.D. Grigoriev from the Konstantin palace collection. In Moscow the canvases will be exhibited within the exposition dedicated to 100 anniversary of the Revolution.


Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin (1861-1939) was one of the first Russian impressionists, whose artistic mannerism was the desire to convey the joy of being through subtle nuances of colour. The ceremonial portrait of the duchess Olga Pavlovna Orlova became the tribute to the mistress of Otradino, the estate where Korovin used to stay by the invitation of her daughter, who was his fellow-student in the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. There are two canvases by Korovin in the collection of the Konstantin palace – “Russian village” and “Russian village in winter”.


Osip (Iosif) Emmanuilovich Braz (1873 – 1936) was the participant of “The World of Art” (known in Russia as Mir Iskusstva) which was both an art movement and art magazine. He was awarded the qualification of a State painter for his portrait of Elizaveta Martynova, who was among the first Russian women educated in the Russian Academy of Arts. This work was awarded by Moscow society of Art lovers and later was bought by P.M. Tretyakov for his gallery. Osip Braz was also the author of the companion portrait of the Grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich (the poet “K.R.”) and his spouse, the Grand duchess Elizaveta Mavrikeevna, from the family of the owners of Strelna.




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