04.09.2017 - Corporate event


Top managers and company executives fully well know that New Year party venue should be booked in summer, because in autumn all the interesting and not trite venues will be taken. New Year party is a special bonus for your colleagues where you can praise the best ones and motivate the ones who have not reached all the goals planned in the outgoing year.

State Complex “The National Congress Palace” can provide various options for celebrating your New Year corporate event. The Complex is located in the picturesque town of Sterna not far from the centre of Saint Petersburg. The Complex offers ample opportunities for the guests with different tastes and preferences. Here you can organise joyful celebrations with varied entertainment programme, run a productive teambuilding event and enjoy delicious cuisine.

Any event preparations should be started with the right venue choice. Here you have plenty to choose from: splendid restaurants of the 5star “Baltic Star” hotel, one or several cottages of the “Consular village”, two-level panoramic restaurant located in the modern building of the Conference Centre and, of course, the main halls of the magnificent Konstantin palace. You can also run your event on several areas. For example, you can arrange the “welcome zone” in the hotel’s cosy lobby-bar and run the main event in the Blue hall of the Konstantin palace. Or you can arrange the cultural programme in the Konstantin palace, including the wine tasting in the cellars or a tour of the palace and run the banquet in the spacious “Russian Versalia” restaurant located in the “Baltic Star” hotel. If you want an open-air part we can provide this wonderful opportunity. Quest games, horse riding, themed photo shoots and much more can be organised in the parks of the Konstantin palace.

The successful event can’t be full without banquet. Our chef will help you to create the exquisite menu to treat your guests. Pay your attention to our New Year’s specials!


As a final chord to your splendid event we would like to invite you to enjoy viewing fireworks show. The best grounds to enjoy the show are the terrace of the Konstantin palace and the open balcony of the “Northern Venice” restaurant of the hotel.


Let’s amaze you colleagues together!

Celebrate your 2018 New Year party with us!

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